Design Clinic Scheme (DCS) Registration India

An initiative of the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India (GOI) & National Institute of Design (NID).

The Design Clinic Scheme is an initiative of the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Scale enterprises and India’s premier Design institute namely National Institute of Design. Launched under the National Manufacturing Competitiveness Program (NMCP) on February 17th, 2010 in New Delhi, the unique and ambitious design intervention scheme proposes to benefit 200 industry clusters to create a dynamic platform to provide expert solutions to real time Design problems and in that add value to existing products.

The Design Clinic Scheme scheduled for implementation through the Eleventh Plan, is structured to enhance Design awareness by exposing beneficiaries to the critical nuances of process, operation, manufacturing and business aspects of Design. All targeted to equip them with skills for improving, evaluating and analyzing Design related interventions. The initiatives are expected to inculcate an innovative and futuristic approach towards Product Development, In the long term, the effort is expected to accrue cost effective solutions and equip with the ability to identify opportunities for enhancing existing product value. The skill level achieved by beneficiaries of the Design Clinic Scheme is anticipated to equip them with the capability of offering competitive and breakthrough solutions for the MSME sectors and in that switching the production mode from Original Equipment Manufacturing to Original Design Creation and hence Original Brand Manufacturing.

The National Institute of Design is the nodal agency for the Design Clinic Scheme with its rich experience in Design training and Consultancy, NID being the synergising catalyst between Design professionals and Design Clinic Scheme beneficiaries, with an administrative command of facilitating the Design Clinic Scheme schedule.

The Design Clinic Scheme offers an enriching opportunity to the large sector of MSME (Associations and Units) as well as the Indian Design fraternity, including consulting firms, independent Designers, Design institutes as also Design students, to engage in assisting the country’s large and significant MSME sector.

Design Clinic scheme is to enhance industry understanding and application of design and innovation, and to promote design as a value adding activity and integrate it into mainstream business and industrial processes of MSMEs.

The objective of this scheme is to enhance the understanding and application of design and innovation in MSMEs (Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises). It aims to encourage people involved in MSMEs to understand design as a value added activity and also to integrate into mainstream business. The National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, is the nodal agency assigned by the Indian government to implement this scheme.

Who can apply?

1. The MSMEs should have a business which is ongoing.

2. The applicant designer/academic institution will be responsible for carrying out the design project.

3. The MSMEs should be a profitable entity in last three years.

4. The MSME must demonstrate that they have the capability of export.

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